Our Objectives:

We work for disarmament and to establish national and international laws that will build peace with justice.

  1. Bullet Educating the legal profession and the public to the dangers of war

  2. Bullet  Encouraging discussion of strategies for abolishing nuclear weapons.

  3. Bullet  Encouraging and supporting legal research into peace, war & disarmament

  4. Bullet  Promoting peaceful strategies for international conflict resolution 

  5. Bullet  Presenting legal briefs and position papers on these issues

RECent Activities:

  1. Bullet   We cooperated with other groups to organize the expert seminar “TOWARD A NUCLEAR WEAPONS CONVENTION:  A ROLE FOR CANADA” held April 12th, 2011. 

  2. Bullet We cooperated with other groups in the organization of an Ambassadors’ forum on April 11, 2011 on “IMPLEMENTING THE UN SECRETARY-GENERAL’S FIVE POINT PLAN FOR DISARMAMENT”.

  3. Bullet Our representative attended the conference convened February 10-11, 2011, in Vancouver, Canada, by The Simons Foundation and the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms, entitled “Humanitarian Law, Human Security: The Emerging Framework for the Non-Use and Elimination of Nuclear Weapons,” from which the The Vancouver Declaration was issued. 

  4. Bullet  We cooperated with other groups in the organization of the expert seminar held in January 2010 on “PRACTICAL STEPS TO ZERO NUCLEAR WEAPONS”. 

  5. Bullet   Our representative attended IALANA meetings held during the NPT Review conference in New York in 2010 and in Vienna in 2007. 

  6. Bullet   We meet frequently with Parliamentarians and officials to encourage support for a Nuclear Weapons Convention. 

  7. Bullet   We are now calling on the Government of Canada to host a preparatory meeting to prepare the way for the start on negotiations on a global legal ban on nuclear weapons.  

Past Activities:

  1. Bullet Organized legal workshops for the World Peace Forum in Vancouver. 

  2. Bullet Jointly (with CBA) sponsored the first international conference on law in the nuclear age.

  3. Bullet  Participated in the Consultative Group on Disarmament and Arms Control in  Ottawa.

  4. Bullet  Have been represented at the Nuclear Warfare Tribunal in London, England.

  5. Bullet  Participated in the call for, and legal research in preparation for, an Advisory Opinion from the International Court of Justice on the legality of the threat of use and the use of nuclear weapons.

  6. Bullet  Offered public education on the legality of nuclear weapons and on the legal problems with landmines.

  7. Bullet  Submitted briefs to the Standing Committees on Foreign Affairs and National Defense.

  8. Bullet  Participated in meetings with parliamentarians, government officials, Canadian and foreign ambassadors.



In the past, we have published the LSR/AFCS "Newsletter" (later called “Peace Law Matters”) approximately 3-4 times per year.